2-Player Rules

Unstable Unicorns Two Player Variant

Two-Player Rules Variant

  • Remove these cards from the deck and place them in the game box. They will not be used in a two-player game:
    • All Basic Unicorns, including Narwhal
    • Extra Tail
    • Queen Bee Unicorn
    • Rainbow Mane
    • Rainbow Unicorn
    • Extremely Fertile Unicorn
    • Nanny Cam
    • Sadistic Ritual
    • Slow Down
    • Glitter Bomb
    • Yay!
    • Autoerotic Asphyxiation (if playing with the NSFW expansion) 
    • Any expansion cards that reference Basic Unicorns
  • Take two Neigh cards from the deck and give one to each player to go with their starting hand of cards. Each player begins the game with six cards in their hand: the five cards dealt PLUS one Neigh card.
  • Gameplay now proceeds according to the Unstable Unicorn rules for three players.