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If I play a Unicorn on my turn, can I also play another card?
Playing a Unicorn card by bringing it into your Stable counts as the Action for your turn. Choose wisely! Some Unicorns have special effects that trigger when you bring them into your Stable, others have effects that trigger if you have them in your Stable when you begin your turn. You cannot play an additional card on your turn unless it is a specific effect of one of the cards in your Stable.

The Unicorn I just played has an effect that happens if it was in my Stable at the beginning of my turn. Can I use that effect now or do I have to wait until my next turn?
Beginning-of-Turn effects trigger only when the card was physically a part of your Stable when your turn began, so if you brought the card into your Stable at any point during this turn, you'll need to wait until your next to use this effect!

If I have multiple Unicorns with Beginning-of-Turn effects, in what order do they resolve?
While you can technically choose the order in which you resolve each of these cards, the order is ultimately meaningless because everything that happens in the Beginning of Turn phase happens simultaneously. 

So let’s say that you have a Glitter Bomb, which allows you to Sacrifice a card in order to Destroy a card, and Sadistic Ritual, which requires you to Sacrifice a Unicorn, both at the beginning of your turn. Sadistic Ritual is a bad card for you, so you might want to use the Glitter Bomb to Sacrifice it -- but unfortunately for you, that won’t stop Sadistic Ritual from resolving. While you will ultimately be rid of Sadistic Ritual for your next turn, it was still in your Stable at the beginning of this turn. Since its effect triggered at the beginning of your turn, that means your adorable Unicorn has to die and there’s nothing you can do about it.

But what if you’ve got a Rhinocorn in your Stable as well? That card states that you can Destroy a Unicorn before ending your turn immediately. So can’t you just use Rhinocorn first, effectively ending your turn before anything else can happen?

Not so fast! “Immediately” is a bit of a misnomer in this case, because, as you’ll remember, everything happens simultaneously during the beginning of your turn. Rhinocorn will end your turn only after all other beginning-of-turn effects have resolved.

So, to sum this all up, everything at the beginning of your turn happens all at once and your Unicorns are all going to die. Deal with it.

My Unicorn has an effect that happens when it enters my stable. Does its effect trigger if someone steals it into their Stable? What about when it returns to mine?
Any Magical Unicorn that has Enter-the-Stable effects will have those effects triggered every time it enters any player's Stable. So if your friend steals your Unicorn, they'll get to reap the benefits for themselves --but as soon as it comes back to you, you'll get them again too!

Do I have to play Downgrades on opponents and Upgrades on myself?
Despite what the rules may suggest, you are totally allowed to play Upgrades in your friends’ Stables and Downgrades in your own Stables. You don’t have to listen to us. Get as freaky as you want.

What do you mean by "hand limit"?
Each player can only have seven cards in their hand at the end of their turn. If you’re holding more than seven cards at the end of your turn, discard down to seven. If you’re holding fewer than seven, don’t get greedy and draw more. Patience is a virtue.

What if there aren't not enough Baby Unicorns to go around?
If you run out of Baby Unicorn cards at any point, root through your pockets for spare change, gum wrappers, or lint to represent additional babies.

Why do some cards have white backs and others have black backs?
The cards with the white backs aren’t intended to be shuffled into the regular deck. These are the rules cards and the Baby Unicorns, so you should never have them in your hand.

Do I need any specific Unicorns in my Stable to win?
You can have any type of Unicorns (including Babies!) in your Stable to win, as long as they add up to the winning number for your game.



Can I use a Neigh card to stop someone from triggering a Unicorn's effect?
Neigh cards can only be played to stop a card from coming into play. So no, just because your former friend triggered a nasty card effect from a Unicorn they’ve had in their Stable for the past four turns that wiped out all your good cards, you can’t just Neigh them into oblivion. Only when someone tries to lay a card down can you stop them. After that chance has passed, you’d better start sucking up and hope they target someone else and not you!

But but but -- what if I did Neigh them and then they Super Neigh’d me!? Once the Neighs are resolved, can I try to Neigh the card all over again?
Nope! There can only be one chain of Neighs. After that chain has been resolved, the card either enters play or goes away. Just give it up already.

I have a card which states that I must do something, THEN do something else, but I can’t do the first part of the card! Can I still do the second part?
No! Don't be greedy!

The only exception to this rule is the Change of Luck card, which states that you should draw two cards and then discard three cards before taking another turn. If this is the only card in your hand and you draw two cards, you cannot discard three. In this situation, you'll need to discard both of the cards you just drew. Even though you couldn't discard all three, you'll still get to take another turn.

If a player has Nanny Cam played on them and I play a card that allows me to discard a random card from that player’s hand, does that player pick up their hand and have me choose randomly, or does Nanny Cam negate the ‘random’ wording in the card?
Nanny Cam overrides any benefits related to secrecy of a person’s hand. That’s kind of the point. Congratulations, that person is going to hate you forever for doing this to them. Enjoy!

Oh no! My cards all got Unicorn Shrinkray’d into Baby Unicorns! Since the original Unicorns went to the discard pile, do their ‘when this card is Sacrificed or Destroyed…’ effects trigger?
No such luck! Although you put them in the discard pile, they were replaced, not Destroyed or Sacrificed. They’re still there, they’re just much cuter (and weaker) now!


I have a card that can Destroy two cards in play, but the player I want to target has an Upgrade stopping their Unicorns from being Destroyed. Can I Destroy the Upgrade, then Destroy one of their Unicorns?
As with beginning-of-turn effects, a card’s effect happens all at once. While you can get rid of their Upgrade card, the change to their Stable will not apply until after your whole card has been resolved. Think of it like two missiles being launched at the same time. Just because one takes out a target doesn’t mean the other one can change trajectory and Destroy something that it couldn’t Destroy when it was launched!


Do my Unicorns' effects work if Pandamonium is in my Stable?
When Pandamonium is in play, all of that player’s Unicorns are Pandas, but their effects remain the same.


ARRRGH! My friend has Pandamonium in play in their Stable, but I really want to Destroy their Unicorns! What do I do?
Learn to read the cards very carefully and get technical with them. Does your card specify that you can Destroy a “Unicorn” or does it just say you can Destroy a “card”? Awwww yeah. Go get those stinkin’ pandas!


Oh no! They got mad and used one of their cards to steal one of my Unicorns, but now they won’t give it back because it’s a Panda! Can they do that!?!
Payback’s a bitch.


How can I get rid of a Downgrade card in my Stable?
If you have a Downgrade in your Stable, you may Sacrifice it as you would any other card. There are also some Unicorn effects and Magic cards that can remove Downgrades.


Extremely Destructive Unicorn states that when you bring it into your Stable, each player must Sacrifice a Unicorn. I only have that card in my Stable. Do I have to Sacrifice it?
Yes, you do. So I’m not sure what you had hoped to gain here, but you sure were destructive while doing it!


The card Unicorn Phoenix says that you have to Discard a card when it enters your Stable, and if you unable to Discard a card, then it is Destroyed. But wait!! It also says that if is Sacrificed or Destroyed, it should be brought directly back to your Stable. What gives?
The wording on this one missed the mark and we’re sorry about that! Officially, if you cannot meet the requirement to keep Unicorn Phoenix (discarding a card), it must go to the Discard pile. You do not bring it back to your Stable.


The Tiny Stable Downgrade is in my Stable. What happens to my extra Unicorns? What about if Puppicorn comes into my Stable while this is in play? 
If this card is played on you and you already have more than fiveUnicorns in your Stable, you’ll be forced to immediately Sacrifice Unicorns until you only have five left.

If it’s played on you while Puppicorn is in play, Puppicorn can still enter your Stable and you must immediately Sacrifice a Unicorn if you already had five there. Since Puppicorn cannot be Sacrificed, you’re going to have to say goodbye to another one of your Unicorns instead. Ouch!

What being said, not all is bad about this Downgrade if you’re smart about it! If Tiny Stable is in your Stable, you have five Unicorns already, and you want to play a Unicorn that’s in your hand instead, you can still do so. You’ll just have to immediately Sacrifice one of your Unicorns that’s in your Stable to bring it in.


But I don't want to replace a Unicorn in my Stable! What now?
If you don’t want to replace a Unicorn in your Stable, you can also bring a new Unicorn in and Sacrifice that one instead. Why would you do that, you might ask? Because if it’s a card with a Enter-the-Stable effect, that effect will still activate, meaning that you get the card’s benefit regardless of having to Sacrifice it right away or not.

However, if that Unicorn is one that either counts as two Unicorns or brings another Unicorn over to your Stable and that pushes you to seven Unicorns, it’s important to realize that you do not win the game. In the case of this card, the Unicorn entering play, the trigger of its effect, and the Sacrifice are all considered to resolve simultaneously.

Okay, I get that. But what about if I've got Unicorn Lasso in my Stable? Can I still use its effect?
If Tiny Stable is in your Stable and you also have Unicorn Lasso in play, you may still steal a Unicorn from another player’s Stable, but as with the previous situation, you must immediately Sacrifice a Unicorn. You may Sacrifice the Unicorn you stole, however, meaning that the other player won’t get their Unicorn back at the end of the turn. Because everything is still happening simultaneously, the Unicorn you stole has an effect which triggers upon entering play, that effect will still occur.

So to sum it up, Tiny Stable does not prevent Unicorns from entering your Stable. Instead, it forces you to Sacrifice a Unicorn if you have more than five at any time while it’s in play. As such, a player cannot win while under the effects of Tiny Stable, but they can still continue to make strategic moves to (eventually) get rid of the card’s effects or ruin their friends’ lives!

And that’s what the game is all about, right? :D



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