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If I play a Unicorn card on my turn, can I also play another card?
Regardless of card type, you can only play one card during your Action phase, so choose wisely! Some card effects do, however, allow you to bring cards directly into your Stable. You can use as many of these effects during a single turn as your cards allow.

The Unicorn card I just played has an effect that happens if it was in my Stable at the beginning of my turn. Can I use that effect now?
Any card that has an effect that begins with the words "If this card is in your Stable at the beginning of your turn..." will have that effect trigger only when the card was physically a part of your Stable when your turn began. Since you brought it into your Stable in the middle of a turn, this means that you'll need to wait until your next turn to use this effect!

If I have multiple cards with Beginning-of-Turn effects, in what order do they resolve?

There are times when multiple effects may trigger at the same time, such as during your Beginning of Turn phase. All of these effects resolve simultaneously as a single link an "effect chain." Any targets of these effects must be chosen before this link in the effect chain resolves. If any of these effects trigger the effect of another card, a new link in the chain is created. You must resolve each link in the chain completely before moving on to the next link.

No player can win until an effect chain has been completely resolved.


If I have multiple cards which require targets for their effects, can I select the same target twice?
If multiple triggered effects require a target, the same card may not be selected twice in the same link. If there are not enough cards to target, you may only trigger as many effects as you have options for targets. You must select targets for mandatory effects before selecting targets for optional effects.


My Unicorn card has an effect that triggers when it enters my Stable. If another player steals that card, do they also get to use the effect?
Any Magical Unicorn card that has an effect that begins with the words "When this card enters your Stable..." will have that effect triggered every time it enters any player's Stable. So if your friend steals your Unicorn card, they'll get to reap the benefits for themselves--but if you take it back, you get that effect again too!

Do I have to play Downgrade cards on opponents and Upgrade cards on myself?
You can play Upgrade and Downgrade cards into any player's Stable. 

What do you mean by "hand limit"?
The default hand limit is 7, which means each player can only have 7 cards in their hand after the end of their turn. If you're holding more than 7 cards during your End of Turn phase, discard down to that number (unless you have a card in your Stable that says otherwise).

What if there aren't not enough Baby Unicorn cards to go around?
If you run out of Baby Unicorn cards at any point, root through your pockets for spare change, gum wrappers, or lint to represent additional babies.

Do I need any specific type of Unicorn cards in my Stable to win?
You can have any type of Unicorn cards (Magical, Basic, or Baby) in your Stable to win, as long as they add up to the winning number for your game.
Can I use Ultimate Unicorn cards with any deck?
Yes, but there are a couple cards that don't work well with Ultimate Unicorn cards hanging around. When playing with Ultimate Unicorn cards, we suggest that you remove Blinding Light and Medieval Sanitation from your deck.



Can I use a Neigh card to stop someone from triggering a Unicorn card's effect?
Once a card is in someone's Stable, a Neigh card cannot stop them if they choose to trigger the card's effect.


I have a card which states that I must do one thing, then do another. I can’t do the first part of the card. Can I still do the second part?
If you can't perform the first action listed on a card, you don't get to perform the second. 


A player has Nanny Cam in their Stable. I play a card that allows me to discard a random card from their hand. Does that player get to pick up their hand and have me choose randomly?
Nanny Cam overrides any benefits related to secrecy of a person’s hand. 


Unicorn Shrinkray is in my Stable. When my Unicorn cards are moved to the discard pile, do any of their effects trigger?
No such luck! Although you put them in the discard pile, they were replaced, not sacrificed or destroyed.


I have a card that can destroy two cards in play. The player I want to target has an Upgrade card preventing their Unicorn cards from being destroyed. Can I destroy the Upgrade card first, then destroy one of their Unicorn cards second?
As with Beginning-of-Turn effects, a card’s effect happens all at once. While you can get rid of their Upgrade card, the change to their Stable will not apply until after your whole card has been resolved. Think of it like two missiles launched at the same time. If you couldn't choose both targets at launch, it doesn't matter if destroying one target frees up another. 


Do my Unicorn card effects work if Pandamonium is in my Stable?
Yes, their effects remain the same.


Can I destroy the Unicorn cards in a Stable that has Pandamonium?
If your card states that you can destroy a Unicorn card, then Pandamonium will prevent you from doing so. If your card states that you can simply destroy a card, Pandamonium cannot stop you.


How can I get rid of a Downgrade card in my Stable?
If you have a Downgrade in your Stable, you may sacrifice it as you would any other card. There are also some Unicorn card effects and Magic cards that can remove Downgrades.


Extremely Destructive Unicorn states that when you bring it into your Stable, each player must Sacrifice a Unicorn. I only have that card in my Stable. Do I have to Sacrifice it?
Yes. It is EXTREMELY destructive.


Unicorn Phoenix states that you must discard a card when it enters your Stable. If you unable to discard a card, then Unicorn Phoenix  destroyed. However, it also says that if is sacrificed or destroyed, it should be brought directly back to your Stable. What do I do?
If you cannot meet the requirement to keep Unicorn Phoenix (discarding a card), it must go to the discard pile. You do not bring it back to your Stable.


I have Tiny Stable in my Stable. What happens to my extra Unicorn cards? What if Puppicorn comes into my Stable while this is in play? 
If this card is played on you and you already have more than five Unicorns in your Stable, you’ll be forced to immediately sacrifice Unicorns until you only have five left.

If it’s played on you while Puppicorn is in play, Puppicorn can still enter your Stable and you must immediately sacrifice a Unicorn if you already had five there. Since Puppicorn cannot be sacrificed, you’re going to have to say goodbye to another one of your Unicorns instead. 


What about if I have Unicorn Lasso in my Stable? Can I still use its effect?
If you have both Tiny Stable and Unicorn Lasso in your Stable, you may still steal a Unicorn from another player’s Stable and sacrifice that Unicorn card instead. If the stolen Unicorn card has an effect which triggers upon it entering your Stable, that effect still triggers; the other player just won't get it back at the end of their turn.

To sum it up, Tiny Stable does not prevent Unicorns from entering your Stable. Instead, it forces you to sacrifice a Unicorn if you have more than five at any time while it’s in play. As such, a player cannot win while under the effects of Tiny Stable, but they can still continue to make strategic moves to (eventually) get rid of the card’s effects or ruin their friends’ lives!

And that’s what the game is all about, right? :D



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